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A Powerpoint presentation from the Feb two thousand fourteen information session on OLT Citations and Awards is available.As dates may change please refer to the OLT website for confirmation.  However, applications for the Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning need to be submitted to the DVC (Teaching, Learning and Equity) 5-6 weeks before the external deadline as these undergo a different internal review process.  28 MarchApplying for a Grant  – Changed Processes – including Intention to Submit emailIntention to submit by one AugustIntention to submit email by fourteen MarchThe OLT website now provides links to the resources, reports, and Good

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Practice Resources produced by previous ALTC grant recipients.  These may be searched for by discipline and by topic e.g.

The Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) is the key representation creditworthy promoting and supporting strategic motley to ascent learning and precept in Australian universities. The OLT administers 97 of Granting Schemes, Pedagogy Awards, Fellowships and Adjust Based Initiatives. The operating instructions for the OLT schemes are available. The tabularise below provides key dates for the main patronage and acknowledgment schemes. Yet, occasionally, the OLT leave request submissions outside of these dates, e.g., for Strategic Projects and Consultancy Reports.These opportunities will be announced on the OLT websiteFull applicationsFull proposals  from successful round one EOI’s only

Closing date for institutional review

For final submission to the OLT, grants scheme applicants must complete an online application form and a proposal or expression of interest. The application form must include an endorsement from the DVC (Teaching, Learning and Equity), or equivalent, of all partner institutions for Full Proposals; from the DVC (Teaching, Learning and Equity), or equivalent of the lead insitutions for EOI’s. You are also required to arrange for your Head of School or Associate Dean to send an email to the DVC (Teaching, Learning and Equity) to support your participation in any grant  application.   Grant applications must be forwarded to the DVC (Teaching, Learning and Equity)  by the internal deadline, which is usually 1-2 weeks prior to the OLT advertised deadline.Note1: Internal submission dates vary from OLT advertised deadlines to allow for institutional review or endorsement.For more information and advice on proposals contact Katrina.Waite@uts.edu.auPrior to applying, UTS applicants must send a brief email to katrina.waite@uts.edu.au, outlining the details of their intended application. These will be collated and forwarded to the OLT. If the OLT has not been notified of your Intention to Submit, they will not accept your application.Full proposalsIntention to submit email by fifteen May

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First Year Experience, and Internationalisation, and by alphabetical keyword listing.  

Note3: In addition to the main funding schemes, the OLT may call for submissions on other strategic projects or consultancy reports.  These will be announced on the OLT Website.

Information sessions on these schemes are run by IML and are advertised on Staff Notices.  A Powerpoint presentation from the September two thousand thirteen information seminar on two thousand fourteen Grant Schemes for the November two thousand thirteen Round ( Round one 2014) is available. 

Note 2: If participating with partner insitutions, you will need to work in with the internal deadlines of both the partner institutions, and UTS

The Expression of Interest Form for OLT Citations is available here