Tomás Olivo plans to build a hospital and a university in Marbella

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The Own of La Cañada, Tomás Olivo, acquires land where it plans to build a hospital and a university. The land is part of Plan Guadaiza, an autonomous reservation requiring the buyer to develop teams and also includes commercial land use.


Tomás Olivo just purchased less than half thousand square meters of land in the area of Guadaiza Plan, which is an investment of 30 million euros. Olivo said his intention is to build a university and a hospital, which opened negotiations with leading companies in the field of education and private healthcare. The area also has reserves for commercial development, the owner of La Canada intends to also build a residential building.

The land purchased is the strip of the right bank of river Guadaiza almost from the AP-7 motorway to the tunnel entrance of San Pedro and is considered one of the most privileged enclaves not only in Marbella but on the whole Coast sun, being a flat earth strategically connected