Marbella recorded 800,000 overnight stays in July and August

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turismo marbella

Turismo Marbella

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, today highlighted data recorded by the tourism sector of the city during the months of July and August and has advanced forecasts for September are also expected favorable. Muñoz, accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism, José Luis Hernández, and the manager of the Centre for Tourism Initiatives (CIT) of Marbella, Begoña Castillo, said that the total number of tourists who visited the city during the summer has exceeded 155,000 visitors, up 6.76 percent over the same period last year.

         Of these, 59,374 were Spanish visitors (12.62 percent more than last year) and 96,144, foreigners (3.44 percent). As for overnight stays, the total has exceeded 789,000, 5.64 percent more than the previous year. Overnight stays of residents in Spain rose by 2.35 percent (239,547 in total) while that of foreigners increased by 7.14 percent (550,172).

         As of August, 81,879 visitors, 3.83 percent more than the same period of 2013, of which over 32,500 were Spanish and the rest foreigners were recorded.

         Meanwhile, total overnight stays in August compared to the same month last year rose to the 430,700, 5.11 percent and the occupancy rate slightly exceeded 80 percent.

         Another significant finding which has exposed the Councillor has been on employment generated in the city during the two main summer months, registering at each 3,700 new hires to reinforce templates sector.

         The first mayor also stressed that these data only recorded the Hotel statistics but not residential tourism “which is an important market for the city.” In addition, “good tourist recorded data are not punctual as the upward trend started in 2013 and has accelerated this year.” “We will continue working hand in hand in the tourism sector of the city to further enhance our industry and source of employment,” concluded the councilor. Meanwhile, Begoña Castillo stressed that tourism revival of Marbella “is a reality and from the sector are confident that the trend will continue.” He also said that “the tourism sector has registered good data from Easter, not only in summer, which means that the summer season is getting longer in the city.”