The City will open the August 18 the deadline for registration of sports activities of the 2014/2015 season with over 5,000 seats

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Sports director, Federico Vallés, presented this morning at City Hall sports programming the 2014/2015 season, which opens the registration period next Monday, August 18, and will start on September 1 more 5,000 places available.

         Vallés stated that “the same as last year, prices of the previous season will remain” and explained that “the alumni were able to renew the season and although the group changes may be requested until the day August 14″ .

         He also stressed that “of all places available, are free 34 percent, which represent about 1,700, roughly,” and specified that “the number of groups this season will rise to 302, thus overcoming the 295 last year. “

The sports season 2014/2015 is re-grouped into four different programs: sports initiation, activities for adults, wellness and health, and water activities.

The first, led to sports initiation for children between 4 and 16 years, comprising 18 different modalities with the novelty this year judo at the Palais des Sports de San Pedro Alcántara. The other disciplines are athletics, aikido, basketball, physical education base, soccer 5, 7 and room, rhythmic gymnastics, golf, hockey inline skates, judo, karate, kung-fu, paddle, inline skating, tennis, table tennis and volleyball.

         The second program is aimed at adults from 17 years old with aerobic and more physically demanding activities. Includes 14 types: sports fitness, aerobic-fitness, aikido, PE adults, comprehensive training, fitness, GAP, kung-fu, fitness, paddle, step-pitch, tennis and full body. New this year has included the category ‘fitcross training’ at the Sports Paco Cantos and the Palacio de Deportes de San Pedro and the type of fitness slots disappear, so you can train any time of day .

         The Wellness program, which is focused on adults and older with activities seeking a mind-body balance and improve quality of life, keep activities like pilates, yoga, tai-chi, yoga-ashtanga, stretching, fitness pensioners, therapeutic gymnastics and, new this year, fitness for free pensioners at the Palais des Sports de San Pedro.

         The fourth module is composed of water activities for people from 3 years of age. Children aquatic education (for 3-5 years), swimming school (three levels of 6-12 years), swimming (from 1-16 years), adults aerobics, swimming beginners (adults), swimming: 9 modes are available adult and three health and wellness activities: water activity of older pensioners, therapeutic swimming for children and adults, and swimming for pregnant women, the novelty in this last mode which has expanded the offer to the afternoon.

   Registrations can be made from Monday, August 18, from 8:30 am to 14:00 hours at the office of sports facilities (municipal stadium of Marbella), in the swimming pool of Marbella and the Palacio de Deportes de San Pedro Alcántara .

         Those interested in enrolling must provide a photocopy of ID card or marriage certificate; photocopy of the Social Security card or private health insurance; wheel of registration; registration form, and if pensioner has large family or youth card, must submit the original to certify them every time you make payment or renewal. In terms of procedure, each person can perform the registration of their family (1st and 2nd order) and more outside the home environment. It will be held also reserve the square, delivering documentation and will not be formalized until the applicant or his representative submit the bank receipt. To facilitate this procedure you can pay by credit card.