Antonio Banderas and Starlite provide support to young Andalusian entrepreneurs.

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starlite marbella

starlite marbella

The Starlite Gala Antonio Banderas and spent years supporting young Andalusians. So far they have been giving part of the proceeds from the philanthropic night Starlite for postgraduate scholarships through the University of Málaga so they can continue their academic training in the US and Canada; This time, decide to take a step further also supporting young entrepreneurs entrepreneurs, and the project chosen for this edition was the clothing firm Panambi.

Panambi not just wear some of the best known faces of the Starlite Gala on Saturday, August 9, also will yield two dresses to be auctioned to raise funds for the Gala, the next day will be the night Panambi within the activities “Starlite Gala “with a parade of Seville signing will take place at the Quarry Marbella. Antonio Banderas attend as godfather exception to this event promises to be one of the most glamorous nights of summer.

On Sunday August 10 parade through the great gateway Starlite some of the most recognizable faces from school and modeling agency Double Erre, directed by Raquel Revuelta supporting this young brand since its inception, also paraded Celebrities to borrow that day his image Double Erre be responsible for the artistic direction of this event with the designs and accessories that have made this young brand dawn. With 125 outlets in Spain, Panambi show in the quarry because their clothes Marbella holiday, sport and chic new collection of brides have become benchmarks of style in a record time of only about 2 years.