starlite marbella

starlite marbella

The Starlite Gala Antonio Banderas and spent years supporting young Andalusians. So far they have been giving part of the proceeds from the philanthropic night Starlite for postgraduate scholarships through the University of Málaga so they can continue their academic training in the US and Canada; This time, decide to take a step further also supporting young entrepreneurs entrepreneurs, and the project chosen for this edition was the clothing firm Panambi.

Panambi not just wear some of the best known faces of the Starlite Gala on Saturday, August 9, also will yield two dresses to be auctioned to raise funds for the Gala, the next day will be the night Panambi within the activities “Starlite Gala “with a parade of Seville signing will take place at the Quarry Marbella. Antonio Banderas attend as godfather exception to this event promises to be one of the most glamorous nights of summer.

On Sunday August 10 parade through the great gateway Starlite some of the most recognizable faces from school and modeling agency Double Erre, directed by Raquel Revuelta supporting this young brand since its inception, also paraded Celebrities to borrow that day his image Double Erre be responsible for the artistic direction of this event with the designs and accessories that have made this young brand dawn. With 125 outlets in Spain, Panambi show in the quarry because their clothes Marbella holiday, sport and chic new collection of brides have become benchmarks of style in a record time of only about 2 years.

The best gastronomy returns this year to be a major bets Starlite Festival. Every night, from July 23 until August 23, Quarry Marbella will have a varied and select range of restaurant and food to suit the most varied tastes and discerning palates corners. Located inside the Lounge area for which Starlite has prepared a daily program of cultural and especially musical events, this restoration area will be open from 20:00 hours.

starlite festivalmarbella 2014

starlite festivalmarbella 2014

La Meridiana del Alabardero, combining his youth and his passion for innovation in combining tradition and modernity with its vast experience in the Costa del Sol and the use of high quality products, will star for the second year of the Gastro area becoming the Starlite restaurant. At their tables, also available for reservations, the public can enjoy the exquisite and beautifully presented Mediterranean cuisine from 20:00 until 03:00 and just a few meters from the Auditorium where concerts take place, overlooking the mountain Starlite every night lights, turning your dinner into an unforgettable experience.

Starlite Festival audiences will also enjoy its many “Gastro corners”, which in this third edition expands the culinary selection. In a more casual format, you can enjoy the delights of some of the most popular restaurants in the area. La Taberna del Volapié prepare the delicious tapas in Jerez blending tradition and variety of Andalusian products. Italian food will handle O Mamma Mia, Reinventores in Spain Italian Fast Food concept with its “Mamma Boxes” fresh pasta and unique pizzas as entrees. Creative healthy food of Terra Sana specialists as original dishes such as natural, Starlite will delight lovers of healthy food.

Among the new features this year are the gourmet dogs Jimmy Melon, hot dogs high quality and made with the finest natural ingredients, and exquisite Lebanese food Starlite Marrush that take you to exotic and authentic oriental flavors through their kebabs. The catering Gran Hotel Guadalpín Banus 5 Star will feature a sushi bar where they offer the highest quality, prepared in situ by an expert sushi chef, so the public Starlite can enjoy the best Japanese food. Starlite bet with them for Mediterranean food, one of the main features of the Spanish culture, as well as national companies. With them also supports its objective of making the festival a gastronomic experience

They were the last to act in the final of the First Edition of The Battles of Starlite, but the first of this event, one of the innovations that have joined the festival in this third edition. By majority vote, the Malaga group Tarifa Plana has won tonight as the winner of the contest among 45 participants and 6 semifinalists, becoming the concert openers Alejandro Sanz offered at Starlite on 22 August and winners of the recording a single in a professional studio, the other prize Starlite reserved for this post.

Prior to the final, Starlite inaugurated this evening the last of the exhibitions that hosts this edition. Elizabeth Grey Ollé Curiel presented Goose® Le Privée “Inside the Labyrinth”, a facility that collects his latest works and tomorrow August 12 until February 17 will become part of the exhibition space of the festival.

Tuesday August 12 will be held at Starlite Lounge concert Juan Losada, the solo singer who has just relaunched his career and will for its premiere at the festival with Rosario Mohedano as guest artist.

playas de marbella

playas de marbella

The Councillor for Tourism and director of District 4, José Luis Hernández, hand responsible for Innovation, Mr. Baldomero León, presented today in the city of Marbella the project of a municipal website to diagnose the weather situation beaches Marbella, access to this information may be made from anywhere in the world as responsible for this platform as defendant.

“It’s a great platform to promote the brand Marbella on the net and in so frequented social networks every day become more important in the international tourism sector ‘,” said Hernandez, who stressed that the climate is one of the biggest advantages having our city when competing with other internationally and that this platform was the best form of promotion that the city could have to get that information in real time to the users “.

   Currently the cameras are located on the breakwater at Hotel Puente Romano which can be accessed by page. In addition to the live visitors will have access to abstracts in 30 second video format. The director of innovation has remarked that this device complies with the conditions established by the Law Projection Data.

The popular game of the hand of tourism councilor Jose Luis Hernandez announced the intention to put more cameras in San Pedro and Puerto Banus for the information to visit is as wide as possible today.

turismo marbella

Turismo Marbella

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, today highlighted data recorded by the tourism sector of the city during the months of July and August and has advanced forecasts for September are also expected favorable. Muñoz, accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism, José Luis Hernández, and the manager of the Centre for Tourism Initiatives (CIT) of Marbella, Begoña Castillo, said that the total number of tourists who visited the city during the summer has exceeded 155,000 visitors, up 6.76 percent over the same period last year.

         Of these, 59,374 were Spanish visitors (12.62 percent more than last year) and 96,144, foreigners (3.44 percent). As for overnight stays, the total has exceeded 789,000, 5.64 percent more than the previous year. Overnight stays of residents in Spain rose by 2.35 percent (239,547 in total) while that of foreigners increased by 7.14 percent (550,172).

         As of August, 81,879 visitors, 3.83 percent more than the same period of 2013, of which over 32,500 were Spanish and the rest foreigners were recorded.

         Meanwhile, total overnight stays in August compared to the same month last year rose to the 430,700, 5.11 percent and the occupancy rate slightly exceeded 80 percent.

         Another significant finding which has exposed the Councillor has been on employment generated in the city during the two main summer months, registering at each 3,700 new hires to reinforce templates sector.

         The first mayor also stressed that these data only recorded the Hotel statistics but not residential tourism “which is an important market for the city.” In addition, “good tourist recorded data are not punctual as the upward trend started in 2013 and has accelerated this year.” “We will continue working hand in hand in the tourism sector of the city to further enhance our industry and source of employment,” concluded the councilor. Meanwhile, Begoña Castillo stressed that tourism revival of Marbella “is a reality and from the sector are confident that the trend will continue.” He also said that “the tourism sector has registered good data from Easter, not only in summer, which means that the summer season is getting longer in the city.”

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, announced today that the City and the Ministry of Interior will drive a new office documentation by the Spanish Aliens has today opened its puertas.extranjeriaextranjeriaextranjeria.


The councilor, accompanied by Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martínez; the government delegate in Andalusia, Carmen Crespo, and the sub-delegation in Malaga, Jorge Hernández Mollar, visited the new facilities in the Duke of Lerma street in the neighborhood of La Patera. “We are working on the project office for Spanish documents on a plot of 150 square meters which is located next to the new office has opened its doors to residents and foreign tourists today,” said the first mayor. Regarding Immigration office, local, provided by the Council, has 180 square meters and enables the processing of documents such as letters of invitation and nationality, residence certificates, authorizations return or student cards, among otros._MG_1153_MG_1153

He assured that with these new units, which have received an investment for his reform of 200,000 euros, financed by the municipality and by the Directorate General of Police, “both facilities and services provided by the Police in the town are improved “.

     Muñoz recalled “close relationship” between the City and the central government, specifically the Ministry of Interior and the National Police, in recent years allowing the creation of an office reporting and documentation in San Pedro Alcántara or opening Service Foreign Tourist Assistance.

     “This new opening demonstrates the good relationship between the two administrations, resulting in the benefit of the citizens,” he concluded.

     For his part, Secretary of State for Security has welcomed the opening of the new office in Marbella and highlighted the efforts of both the City Council and the Department for agencies “have been a reality soon.”

   It has advanced, finally, good provincial data security, highlighting the drop in crime by 14.2 percent and 13.2 percent happy. Moreover, the crime rate has dropped since 2011 Marbella 18.1 percent.

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, today attended the tribute that has received national football coach Vicente del Bosque with a star on the Walk of Fame in Puerto Banus, in recognition of his career and his close relationship with the city for more than a decade.

Vicente del Bosque en Marbella

The tribute was carried out by the municipality of Marbella, Marbella CIT and the Spanish Professional Association of Radio and Television (AOSIS-PRTV), with the collaboration of the José Banús and Pilar Calvo Foundation, Marbella FC, Alabardero Catering and Playas del Duque.

         The mayor has said that Vicente del Bosque “is a great ambassador for the city” and stated that this recognition “is well deserved, not only for the sporting level of national team, but also for his greatness as a person.”

         Muñoz stressed that “besides giving us the satisfaction of having made Spain a world champion in 2010 and in Europe two years later, Vicente del Bosque is a person who likes to come to town and we always have been count “.

         In this sense, the honoree has shown its appreciation for recognition as mentioned, “is the Spanish selection and mainly about players who have had an extraordinary performance at all levels, both in football and off the field” . In addition, Del Bosque said that “my family and I came to this city because we felt very comfortable here and because people are wonderful,” so the coach thanked “this distinction received the’ll try to honor”. Already Vicente del Bosque has a star on the Walk of Fame

Antonio Banderas celebrasu starlite 54 birthday gala in Marbella, the Starlite Festival 2014 has lived his most magical night and has done surrounded by nearly a hundred national and international celebrities and personalities from business, politics and culture who wanted to go to support with their presence and contribution the annual gala, the largest philanthropic event in Spain that donates all proceeds to foundations Children Joy and Tears and Favors, it spread to various initiatives subsequently.

Your hosts, Antonio Banderas and Sandra García-Sanjuán made perfect cicerones of Mia Farrow, the guest of honor this year, who thanked the work of the organization. “I’ve never been to an event. For me it’s the first time and it seems a wonder that work to help people who are suffering. Be aware that there is much pain in the world, not all have the same opportunities as us and I think that the more egalitarian or the world will all be happier “added Farrow, a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.

Among the familiar faces who have gathered tonight at the quarry of Marbella are Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, Carmen Cervera, Baroness Thyssen, Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, Duchess of Montoro, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Pedro J. Ramirez, Beatriz Orleans, Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce, Valeria Mazza and Alejandro Gravier, Paco Arango, Manuel Díaz `the Cordobés’ and his wife Virginia Troconis, Patricia Rato, Anne Igartiburu, Pablo Ibanez, the Man in Black, Alejandra Prat and José Manuel Alcaraz Passion Vega, Ana Torroja, Carmen Lomana, Antonio Carmona and Mariola Orellana, Helen Lindes, Hiba Abouk, Sergio Scariolo, Manolo Santana and Claudia, Natalia Sánchez and Marc Clotet, Elena Tablada, Lara Dibildos, Juan Peña, Marisa Jara, Remedios Cervantes Raquel Rodríguez, José Oneto, Hubert de Hohenlohe, Los del Río, Ana Obregon, Fiona Ferrer, María Ángeles Muñoz, mayor of Marbella, among many others besides hosts and Mia Farrow.

The Own of La Cañada, Tomás Olivo, acquires land where it plans to build a hospital and a university. The land is part of Plan Guadaiza, an autonomous reservation requiring the buyer to develop teams and also includes commercial land use.


Tomás Olivo just purchased less than half thousand square meters of land in the area of Guadaiza Plan, which is an investment of 30 million euros. Olivo said his intention is to build a university and a hospital, which opened negotiations with leading companies in the field of education and private healthcare. The area also has reserves for commercial development, the owner of La Canada intends to also build a residential building.

The land purchased is the strip of the right bank of river Guadaiza almost from the AP-7 motorway to the tunnel entrance of San Pedro and is considered one of the most privileged enclaves not only in Marbella but on the whole Coast sun, being a flat earth strategically connected

The famous amaricana chain will open on December 17 its first store in Marbella. The home is located in the resort of Puerto Banus English court. At this time there was only one local at Malaga airport, but the prestigious American chain has decided to invest in Marbella over other Spanish cities.

Starbucks Marbella

Starbucks Marbella


This company started its journey in Spain in 2002, starting with the capital Madrid. Currently has in its ranks with more than 17,000 stores with a presence in over 53 countries. The home is a comfortable and modern space that will even further more cache to the mall English court Puerto Banus which have opened their doors for this great chain enjoy its facilities.

corte ingles puerto banus

Corte Inglés puerto banus