The best flamenco in Marbella with Miguel Poveda

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Starlite been featured in this edition a must with flamenco hand Miguel Poveda, universal singer who brings over 25 years demonstrating why he is considered a figure of reference. In a unique format as offered quarry Marbella, his show has reviewed a career that in recent years has excelled as few flamenco and has enjoyed the company of singer Ana Belén, with which it shares a mutual admiration , turning this event into a magical night.

Barbara King, the former Miss Spain Elisabeth Reyes, political Javier Arenas, national deputy secretary of the PP to territorial issues, the designer Elena Benarroch, comedians Raul Sender and Manolo Sarria, the popular duo sharpener, were some of the personalities who have not want to miss this appointment with flamenco hand Starlite.