The artist Joaquín Cortés has gathered more than 400 people in the Master Class held in Marbella in which he revealed the keys to creating their shows, and strength that gives flamenco culture to innovate and grow.

At the gates of Andalucía premiere of her show ‘Gypsy’, which will take place on 25 and 26 July in Puente Romano Beach Resort, dancer and choreographer wanted to have this training space for fans and the general public who are interested the origin of flamenco culture, and wanted to deepen their knowledge and learning from the hand of one of the greatest dancers of flamenco history.

The staging allowed direct contact between the artist and the audience, in addition to listening carefully to the explanations of Joaquín Cortés and see the highlights of his career, could ask about the most diverse issues.

From how to start designing choreography, how is inspired to reach different audiences it faces, passing key to choosing the music, the components of your computer or locker rooms. Many and many were the questions he could answer. “The important thing is to think of the concept to be transmitted, begin sketching a design of dances and steps, and especially not forget that we speak of flamenco and that there are fees that must be met,” said Cortés in one of their responses.

After the session, 20 of those attending the Master-Class had the opportunity to meet in person to own Joaquín Cortés, share a few minutes with him between racks, take pictures and to put to other issues of concern about their work and career.

One of the most exciting moments of the meeting was the climb to the scene of a 10 year old girl, Marisol, Academy Ana Guerrero, who wants to follow in the footsteps of Joaquín Cortés. The artist moved by the art of the girl invited her and her family to the concert, and spend a few moments with him backstage.

A career greatest hits

In his 20 year career, Joaquín Cortés has walked among many others, scenarios such as the Madison Square Garden in New York, the White House or the Royal Albert Hall in London, and has shared the stage with artists of the level of Jennifer Lopez Alicia Keys or Michael Jackson. “And they have also been part of my life and have been integrated into my way of feeling and transmit the dance. I have been very fortunate to meet, share and collaborate on them. Throughout my career are many moments spent with great figures and have allowed me to share with them the essence of his art, “said Joaquín Cortés.

With this lecture, activity intensifies in Marbella, a few days before the official presentation in Andalucía show ‘Gypsy’ (Roman Bridge 25 and July 26). This return to the origins of flamenco essence, this new commitment of the company that runs the Cortés himself has already succeeded elsewhere in Spain and now hopes to be a prophet in his own land. “With Gitano hope to return to point of origin, but without forgetting what I learned in many other parts of the world during my career, which has also enriched my art and flamenco in general,” said Cortez.


Master Class Joaquin Cortés en Marbella

Master Class Joaquin Cortes en Marbella

Master Class Joaquin Cortés en Marbella


Master Class Joaquin Cortés en Marbella

Ricky Martin sweeps his only concert in Spain, held in Marbella on the night of August 25 at the Starlite Festival of Marbella. The singer gave the best of his repertoire and his loyal spent an evening dancing to the sound dream of Latin rhythms of the great artist.

Cocierto Ricky Martin en Marbella

Cocierto Ricky Martin en Marbella

Concierto Ricky Martin en Marbella

Concierto Ricky Martin en Marbella

Concierto Ricky Martin en Marbella

Concierto Ricky Martin en Marbella



Reinventores for decades the concept of pop concert as a show of modern art, Pet Shop Boys presented tonight at Starlite his latest album, “Electric”. With a powerful and energetic show, the British duo has taken advantage of the extraordinary acoustics Quarry Marbella and format that offers the audience, achieving unprecedented closeness to the public at concerts.

The play of light, costume changes Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, projections and choreographed dancers, the Chicago Bulls, made it clear why they are considered members of that exclusive club where, like Madonna or Lady Gaga, pop stars who understand how to merge the mainstream and avant-garde are in direct



Cocierto Pet Shop Boys Marbella


Cocierto Pet Shop Boys Marbella


Cocierto Pet Shop Boys Marbella

Starlite been featured in this edition a must with flamenco hand Miguel Poveda, universal singer who brings over 25 years demonstrating why he is considered a figure of reference. In a unique format as offered quarry Marbella, his show has reviewed a career that in recent years has excelled as few flamenco and has enjoyed the company of singer Ana Belén, with which it shares a mutual admiration , turning this event into a magical night.

Barbara King, the former Miss Spain Elisabeth Reyes, political Javier Arenas, national deputy secretary of the PP to territorial issues, the designer Elena Benarroch, comedians Raul Sender and Manolo Sarria, the popular duo sharpener, were some of the personalities who have not want to miss this appointment with flamenco hand Starlite.






Councilman Young, Diego Lopez, presented this morning with XLR Music Group President, José Antonio Hidalgo, the director thereof, Javier Gimeno, and the president of Moliere group, Enrique Guerrero, David Guetta concert that will take place on August 1 in the Municipal State of San Pedro Alcántara.

The mayor thanked the sponsors for having “made a bet as decided by our city,” which for some years “has become the scene of international superstars”. He added, “is proud that such companies want to come to Marbella and bet for us to see that we are a safe city in which you can invest and where you can make big concerts, thanks to the ease with which you work with the session. “

Lopez announced that young people under 30 years, evidencing that are registered in the municipality, will have a big discount on the purchase of tickets. From today until 11 may go to the delegations of Youth, both Marbella and San Pedro, a reserve. The first 500 entries will get a 10 € instead of 40 € which is your total price. In addition, a booth at Puerto Banus, which is the sales point, where the registered voters of all ages, also until July 11, can buy tickets 30 € will.

A one month ahead of the concert is already 50% of tickets sold, a total capacity of 12,000 people.

In addition KLR Music, who organized the concert, is also responsible for conditioning the enclosure to the needs of the event, lawn, bathrooms, access will be improved, etc. To do this, have pledged to hire a local company to perform the work, which will be overseen by the delegation of Works.