Pedro Pena Interior Design

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For over 30 years, Pedro Peña is a leader of the avant-garde interior on the Costa del Sol.

The evolution of Pedro Peña over the years has been determined by their desire to excel. Evolving according to trends more in vogue at the time, Pedro Peña has marked a style that has resulted in many projects not only in the Costa del Sol, but also in much of Spain and Europe.

Thinking of a comprehensive and personalized customer service, Pedro Peña has incorporated new areas to your business as well, apart from interior design studio with which began today has an art gallery, an architecture and is the representative of the Italian brand Boffi for the Costa del Sol. with all these elements working together, each project is given the unique, modern and avant-garde one expects when you visit us.

ART GALLERY: PEDRO PENA ART GALLERY is located in Marbella and was opened in August 2001.
Specializing in contemporary art, has had numerous exhibitions, both collective and individual, in its funds has artworks, paintings and pictures of major artists in contemporary art as Jaume Amigo, Francis Bacon, Miquel Barceló, Enrique Brinkmann, Luciano Castelli Eduardo Chillida, Martín Chirino, José Manuel Ciria, Antoni Clave, Sonia Delaunay, Antonio De Felipe, Luis Feito, Roberta González, Josep Gunivart, Davis Hockney, Anton Lamazares, Cveto Marsic, Mariano Matarranz, Victor Mira, Joan Miró, Lucio Muñoz Max Neumann, Saura, Daniel Senise, José María Sicilia, Antoni Tapiés, Frank Thiel, Manolo Valdés, Bernar Venet, Darío Villalba, among others. Pedro Peña Art Gallery has Quum Artis, specializes in digital printing and photography, which allows you to chart and graph works with optimum quality large format using various media such as paper, canvas, acrylic, glass, metals (aluminum, steel workshop steel, corten steel, etc), wood, cardboard …

 C.C. Tembo. Bloque C. CN.340
Marbella, Málaga 29602 SPAIN Teléfono: +34 952 824962 FAX: +34 952 827423
 C.C. Tembo. Bloque B. Local 1-A
Marbella, Málaga 29602 SPAIN Teléfono: +34 952 868875 FAX: +34 952 907167