Marbella Club Hotel

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Hotel Marbella Club, the hotel has been transformed from a farm with lots of personality to a resort beachfront. His appeal has won the hearts of demiles exclusive clientessuper. A hoteñl exclusive with a great history desdelos 40s, roughly around this time, an aristocrat and playboy named Ricardo Soriano, Marquis of Ivanrey, eccentric discussed with one of the landowners in Andalusia. The owner so enthusiastic about the charms of Mediterranean life and, as Soriano was something of a romantic, Marquis became obsessed with the idea of buying a place in the sun and, without even visiting the area, bought the El Rodeo located near Marbella, not far from what is now Puerto Banus.

Without a doubt Marbella Club is one of the best hotels in Marbella, has a range of facilities and amenities for the most discerning clientele, golf club, villas, spa, etc,,,