Buchinger Clinic Marbella

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Clinic specializing in international reference Ayunoterapia and Integrative Medicine.

Clinic for Therapeutic Fasting and Integrative Medicine
What service we provide to our patients?
With the method of fasting therapy and integrative medicine support people in the healing process and prevent physical and mental illness, to regain or maintain their quality of life and its full capacity. We believe that our primary task is to sensitize people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. With our offers we contribute to activate the self-healing powers of our patients. Our programs encourage greater awareness of the unity of body and spirit, and thus the foundation for personal development. With the options available to offer, train and motivate people to find their balance and feel in harmony.

Are the offers and descriptions of this page or recommendations from friends and acquaintances have piqued your interest? In this case, we great pleasure to inform you in more detail in a personal conversation about what it may mean for you a stay at Buchinger Wilhelmi. Please contact us in the following ways to request information or to arrange a first date without compromise. Call us or fill in the appropriate form indicating the clinic of your choice. We are always at your disposal.

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08.00 – 22.00 Uhr

+34 952 7643-00

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