Amar Clinic Marbella

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Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Paris, Dr Roger Amar is a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic professional.

In 1997, he devised the FAMI technique, an aesthetic procedure based on the facial injection of mesenchymal tissue facial ensuring patient elrejuvenecimiento naturally.

In addition, Dr. Amar is a recognized expert in breast augmentation surgery, intervention which uses an advanced technique only available to a small number of surgeons.

Liposuction or rhinoplasty through the eyelid are further distinct professional specialties of plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic.

The FAMI technique is a procedure based on the injection of mesenchymal tissue (adult stem cells) to restore the three anatomical facial structures (bone, muscle and adipose tissue) damaged by aging.
The result is a natural rejuvenation, regeneration from facial elements (bone, muscle, fat and skin) which have suffered wear with age. All this is possible thanks to the restorative properties of adult stem cells (present in the mesenchymal tissue extracted from the patient).

The FAMI technique rejuvenate inside and outside the patient’s face.


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